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Welcome to the Journal of American History (JAH) online. Published four times a year by the Organization of American Historians, the JAH is the leading scholarly publication and the journal of record in American history. In addition to our print issues, the JAH creates a wide range of online projects, including our biannual Teaching the JAH and special projects such as “Through the Eye of Katrina,” “American Faces,” and “Oil in American History.“ Organization of American Historians (OAH) members also have access to our vast citation database, Recent Scholarship Online. The JAH makes selected content freely available, including Web site reviews, the “Textbooks and Teaching” section, and the “Recent Scholarship” print listing. See individual issue pages for details.

Mar. 2014

The Journal of American History: issn 0021-8723 is published by the Organization of American Historians and printed in March, June, September, and December by Oxford University Press.


OAH Annual Meetings2014 OAH Annual Meeting Program

Future annual meetings of the Organization of American Historians are as follows: For further information, write to: OAH Annual Meeting Information, 112 North Bryan Ave., Bloomington, Indiana 47408-4141, USA; or see the OAH Web site.

  • 2014 - Atlanta, Georgia
       April 10–13
       Atlanta Hilton
  • 2015 - St. Louis, Missouri
       April 16–19
       Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel and America’s Center
  • 2016 - Providence, Rhode Island
       April 7–10
       Westin Providence
  • 2017 - New Orleans, Louisiana
       April 6-9
       New Orleans Marriott

Call for Papers: African American Freedom Movement

Please join the Journal of American History in its exploration of the African American freedom movement, focusing on the history, meaning, and legacies of the civil rights struggles of the 1950s and 1960s. Over the next three years, we invite scholars to submit articles that address the events of those years and illuminate new ways of thinking about the historical significance of that momentous time. Specialists in all fields of history are encouraged to submit their work for consideration.

Call for Papers: Civil War

During the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, the Journal of American History would like to encourage the submission of articles that explore all aspects of the conflict.

JAH Podcast

The Journal of American History has launched a podcast section of our Web site where interviews with several JAH authors are available. Our most recent podcast features Sarah E. Cornell talking about her September 2013 article “Citizens of Nowhere: Fugitive Slaves and Free African Americans in Mexico, 1835–1857.” We will regularly be posting interviews with other JAH authors as well.

In the future we hope also to bring you podcasts of conversations with award-winning authors of books on American history. Anyone may listen to and download these high-quality audio files for free.

Civil War at 150 Podcast

In our latest podcast, Ed Linenthal, the editor of the JAH, talks with D. Scott Hartwig, a supervisory park historian at the Gettysburg National Military Park. Hartwig has worked at the Gettysburg park for 33 years, and in this podcast they discuss Gettysburg as a turning point in the Civil War. You can listen to this July 2013 conversation for free.

Article Submissions

All articles submitted to the Journal of American History must now include an abstract. The abstract must be on a separate page from the body of the article and may not be longer than 500 words.

Submit or Update Your Reviewer Data Sheet

The Journal of American History is always looking for qualified reviewers for books and articles. To make the best matches between reviewers and books or articles being reviewed, we need our reviewer information to be as complete and up-to-date as possible. It is crucial that prospective reviewers submit or update a JAH reviewer data sheet, which indicates areas of interest and publications.


The Louis Pelzer Memorial Award Committee invites candidates for graduate degrees to submit essays for the Louis Pelzer Memorial Award competition. Essays may deal with any period or topic in the history of the United States. The winning essay will be published in the JAH. In addition, the OAH presents $500 to the winner. The deadline for entries for the 2014 competition is December 1, 2014.

For submission guidelines, visit the OAH Web site. Manuscripts should be addressed to Pelzer Award Chair, Journal of American History, 1215 East Atwater Ave., Bloomington, Indiana 47401-3703, USA.

The Organization of American Historians gives the David Thelen Award biennially to the best article on American history that has been published in a language other than English. The winning article will be published in translation in the JAH. The deadline for entries published during 2013 and 2014 is May 1, 2015.

For submission guidelines, see the OAH Web site. Please submit five copies of the entry, along with one- or two-page essay in English explaining why the article is a significant and original contribution to our understanding of American history, to Thelen Award Chair, Journal of American History, 1215 East Atwater Ave., Bloomington, Indiana 47401-3703, USA.


In the September 2013 JAH the fourth sentence of the cover caption should read: Courtesy Fisher family.

Also in that issue, in James Loeffler’s article, “‘The Conscience of America,’” the sentence that begins on line five on page 426 should read: “If this provision remained in the charter, he argued, ‘the Organization may be powerless to halt nations which embark on domestic programs flagrantly violating and totally disregarding human rights and fundamental freedoms.’”

In that same issue, in the review of A Revolutionary Conscience (pp. 516–17), the last sentence of the fifth paragraph should read: “Teed never quotes Parker’s famous definition of democracy: ‘government of the people, by all of the people, for all the people.’”

In addition, the reviewer’s affiliation should be listed as Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts.

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