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The Journal of American History is the leading scholarly publication and the journal of record in the field of American history. Published quarterly in March, June, September, and December, the Journal continues its nine-decades-long career presenting original articles on American history. Each volume features pieces that deal with a wide range of American history topics and fields, including state-of-the-field essays, broadly inclusive book reviews, and reviews of films, museum exhibitions, and Web sites.

Volume 102, 2015–2016

June 2015 Cover

Volume 101, 2014–2015

March 2015 Cover

Volume 100, 2013–2014

Mar. 2014 Cover

Volume 99, 2012–2013

Mar. 2013 Cover

Volume 98, 2011–2012

March 2012 Cover

Volume 97, 2010–2011

March 2011 Cover

Volume 96, 2009–2010

March 2010 Cover

Volume 95, 2008–2009

March 2009 Cover

Volume 94, 2007–2008

March 2008 Cover

Volume 93, 2006–2007

March 2007 Cover

Volume 92, 2005–2006

March 2006 Cover

Volume 91, 2004–2005

March 2005 Cover

Volume 90, 2003–2004

March 2004 Cover

Volume 89, 2002–2003

March 2003 Cover

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