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Recent Scholarship Online

Available as a service to oah members, Recent Scholarship Online (RSO) is a searchable, cumulative database of history-related citations for articles drawn from over 1,000 journals and for books, dissertations, and cd-roms. The database also includes citations to essays not available in the static “Recent Scholarship” print listing; see below. A comparison of the two versions is available. The collection begins with the “Recent Scholarship” section of the June 2000 issue of the Journal of American History.

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Recent Scholarship Print Listing

Beginning with the June 2006 issue, the Journal of American History discontinued the printed version of “Recent Scholarship” and made it available to the public free of charge. The JAH mission in providing “Recent Scholarship” is to foster interest in and awareness of new historical scholarship. This online listing is analogous to the print version that appeared in past issues. It also includes a permanent archive of each issue’s “Recent Scholarship.” Making “Recent Scholarship” available online enables the JAH to fulfill its mission better by reaching a broader audience of both members and nonmembers. See an issue’s table of contents page for each listing.

Recent Scholarship Online